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Book BBQ Pit Singapore

Book BBQ Pit In Singapore

When I first moved in to Pasir Ris estate (Singapore), I thought the barbecue (bbq) pits along Pasir Ris Park Beach are free to use. Little did I know that each one of the bbq pit belongs to the National Parks Board (Nparks) and that I needed to book a bbq pit AND pay for the use of the bbq pit after I book it in Singapore.

Fortunately, I got to know how to book a BBQ pit in Singapore and managed to book a bbq pit recently.

Basically, to book a bbq pit you can do it online via the Nparks Internet BBQ Booking Site (shown in Book BBQ Pit link below). Go to their Singapore site to choose your bbq pit to book. After you have booked your bbq pit, you must go down to any AXS station in Singapore to pay up and collect a receipt as proof that you did book a bbq pit (in case park rangers check on you to see if you readly did book a bbq pit).

Once you book a bbq pit, you can use the bbq pit from 12noon to 8am the next day. After confirmation, the bbq pit number selected cannot be changed, nor can you get a refund for the bbq pit you booked.

The price to book a bbq pit in Pasir Ris Park is $20 per bbq pit. Book your bbq pit early for popular periods like weekends and school holidays. The choice of bbq pit is also important. Make sure the bbq pit is with easy reach so your friends and family can find the bbq pit without getting lost.

Go book your bbq pit and enjoy your bbq!

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